Large capacity 10000 mA

Wireless Power Mobile Power Supply

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Tailor-made for Airpods

Airpods Wireless Charging Cover

Mobile Phone & Apple Watch Wireless Charging

Multifunctional Wireless Charger

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About us

There is such a group, they are the ordinary people of this great era. They enjoy the prosperity and convenience of the times and bear the hardships and pressures of the times. They are Alaskan dogs on sleds, worker bees on the road, ant tribes carrying food. They are hovering between employment and unemployment, destination and vagrancy, hope and disappointment. They have responsibilities, beliefs and dreams. They keep telling themselves that they should work hard and live happily. They are not others, but you, me - us, a special generation of this era: 80, 90, 00.

Get up, wash, send the children to school, brush the micro-letters on the subway, turn on the computer and start the day's work. Overtime work, midnight, telephone porridge, occasional night running, mountain climbing, Starbucks in a daze, playing cards with friends, singing K Carnival to the latter half of the night, these are the normal life. Sometimes we feel confident, passionate, and sometimes we feel lost. On the other side of life, however, there is a free world of our own.

We like creative and free life and all the beautiful things in life. We belong to the big stage of life, but also have their own colorful small world. You might call us "Free Dog". Here, singleness has nothing to do with boyfriends and girlfriends. It only represents every individual with flesh and blood and distinct personality.